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Expand your business and unleash your creativity with a fully customised platform for your video courses on WAGMII.

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Why Wagmii?

With Wagmii you create your own online training course with no limits and the advantage of using one system for many functions!

Wagmii is right for you if:

Wagmii is the secret to your online success!



Do you want your users to buy more and stay loyal to you?

Stop using a thousand systems that block your sales!

Here are some of the many functions:

Online Courses

Create as many courses as you want in a simple way.


Charge without commission.


Create your own community, groups and more.


Sell yours courses through affiliation.


Protection system to avoid screen recordings


Create quizzes and tests to test your users.


It issues certificates and end-of-course certificates!


Connect with over 2000 applications you love.

We created it according to your REAL needs...

With Wagmii you no longer need a thousand Tools!

With Wagmii you no longer need a thousand tools to manage your courses and students. With only one program you will have everything you need. Community, Courses, Pagayments, Integrations, Affiliation and much more.

Using Wagmii will allow you to save Time and Money leaving you the possibility to increase your sales every day.

Are you ready to take it to the next level?

Wagmii is all you need to sell your courses and build your community!

All in one program!

Wagmii is...

Your Academy

Create your courses in less than 1 minute and WITHOUT any limits. Your students will love using your platform and learn faster!

With Wagmii you can:
Wagmii is...

Your Community

Create interaction with your students through the Community and Chatroom.

With Wagmii you can:
Wagmii is...

Your Membership

Create modular plans in which to include courses and sections of your platform and accept various payment methods (Stripe, Paypal, Bank Transfers and more). You can also create payment plans with free trial, installments and more.

With Wagmii you can:
Wagmii is...

Your Affiliation system

With Wagmii you can give your users the opportunity to resell your courses or consultancy by paying them a fee.

With Wagmii you can:
Wagmii is...

Your Security

Thanks to our internal security system, your videos will be protected and safe from being copied, even by screen recording or credential sharing.

With Wagmii you can:

Sell your courses and create your Community

Who is Wagmii for?

Marketers or Consultants

Sell your courses or consultancy quickly and easily.


Create and sell your own courses with no limits!


To sell your products or services online or in Affiliation.


Create your community and reserve videos and much more for them.


Sell in Affiliations while keeping your inputs under control.


Create content for your users and create Memberships in one click.

... and for anyone who wants to sell an online course!

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